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Feel free to look at me on my Research blogs. These blog help me organized my research and recorded my progress on varies of works during school semester.

(archive) Spring 2013 blog:  http://malysartdiary.blogspot.com/

(archive) Fall 2013 blog: www.mxmapping.wordpress.com

(archive) Spring 2014 blog: www.mxdreaming.wordpress.com

(archive) Fall 2014 blog: www.mxpassion1.wordpress.com

(archive) Spring 2015 blog: www.mxpassion2.wordpress.com

(archive) Fall 2015 blog: www.mxpassion3.wordpress.com

(archive) Spring 2016 blog: www.mxpassion4.wordpress.com

(archive) Fall 2016 blog: www.mxpassion5.wordpress.com

(in use) Spring 2017 blog: www.mxpassion6.wordpress.com (Last school blog)

My blog: www.malyxiong.wordpress.com 

My portfolio: www.malyxiong.com