Check Out Local Hmong Band in California

Check out local Hmong band Txhawb Zog located in California on their Facebook page. I had the opportunity to designed their new logo and digitized their character cartoon for their first album. They are amazingly talented and truly inspiring! Their album will be out in Fresno Hmong New Year 2017! Date: December 26th, 2017 - January… Continue reading Check Out Local Hmong Band in California


Using Traditional Hmong Arts?

I  learn to sewed my first stitch at the age of 8. I used a traditional technique to create x with a green thread. Not even before reaching the end of the small practice cloth, I stopped and left it untouched with the needle still intact. I kept it all these years, still untouched and… Continue reading Using Traditional Hmong Arts?

Stories in Thread Documentary

Check out this amazing Hmong textile documentary called Stories in Thread. Learn more about Hmong history, culture and identity though Hmong textiles. Created by: Tamara Maxey, William Nitzky, Dayne Gradone, Karsten Kaufmann, Andew Mattison, Jackie Coon, Dan Bruns, Brian Brazeal Cast: Maihoua Lor, Jonathan Xiong, Mai Xiong, Dia Xiong, Maly Xiong, Mai Her, Bee Lor, Salen… Continue reading Stories in Thread Documentary

Hmong Museum Exhibitions

Hmong Museum Exhibitions in Chico right now! Check out their website here: Chico Museum | Valene I. Smith Museum of Anthropology Chico Museum Located at 141 Salem Street, Chico, CA 95928, Phone: 530-891-4336 Open: Thursday through Sunday, 11:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. Closed: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Grand opening: All coordinated by Leader for Lifetime (L4L) Organization in… Continue reading Hmong Museum Exhibitions