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cropped-cropped-mylogo_for_card.pngI am a Hmong American woman, born and raised in Chico, California. My family and I moved to Oroville, California in 2007 and graduated from Oroville High in 2011. Currently, I am attending California State University, Chico as a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Student majoring in Art Studio: Digital Intermedia. I have a minor in Diversity Studies and I have taken the beginning courses in the Computer Animation Game Development Department.

Purpose of this Blog:

I like to use this blog to record my personal and professional life as I transition into the adult work life. I like to write as much as I can to keep me engage my community and as well as reflecting on my experiences and emotions. This blog will help me explore more of my interested theme of death/rebirth, cultural, spirituality, social issues/activism, traveling, manga/animation, suffering, growth as a person, nature, diversity, and education/empowering.