Study Abroad!!!

I am planing to study abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand in Fall 2015!

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I believe studying abroad will broaden my perspective and help me gain a better understanding of cultures. This is a great opportunity to learn of different traditions and languages. This will be an adventure, a chance to learn more about myself as an individual and a chance to develop my leadership skills.

I choose Chiang Mai, Thailand because I think Chiang Mai would provide me a great study abroad experience. I heard Chiang Mai is a beautiful city in northern Thailand with many different cultures and ethnicities. While abroad, I plan to take courses for my upper division pathway theme: Diversity Studies.

I hope to have an opportunity to go into the mountains of Chiang Mai and explore the Hill Tribes People. My grandparents and parents came from refugee camps of Thailand and were resettle in California, United States after the Vietnam War. I want to have an opportunity to explore more into my parents untold history and identity. I hope to meet and visit family members that still lives in the mountains of Thailand.



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